oktober 18, 2012

september 25, 2012


A beach before bed :)

Enjoy :)

The woods

The woods, another color study.

For anyone doing color studies, I find it fun, before hand, to try and match the palette of the picture.
picking out what colors you think are there and see how close they match.

Anyway, enjoy :)


A color script I did recently

Enjoy :)

juli 18, 2012

The Saga Continues

This picture was made for Vray's Anniversary Challenge at CGSociety.
The theme given was "A Decisive Moment", so I chose to depict the moment when George Lucas came up with the idea for the Phantom Menace.

A variety of software was used for this picture, Max, Maya and Zbrush for modeling, Vray for rendering, After Effecs and Photoshop for post.

maj 28, 2012

Updated Space Children

Here's an update to my latest painting, felt it was lacking something.

Also, here's a time-lapse of it.

Enjoy :)

maj 23, 2012

maj 07, 2012

Shortfilm project

Here are some illustrated shots from a shortfilm i'm working on at school.
I'll probably update some of the stuff with everything comped on top at some point but for now..

The style is inspired by... Lauren Faust and Miroslav Sasek.

Enjoy :)

marts 25, 2012

Overgrowth stuff done

Had a chance to work on the Overgrowth thing this weekend and finally finished it.

Enjoy :)

marts 21, 2012

A little more

Some screengrabs of the apsara 3d model

Enjoy :)

Concept, Apsara + Overwroth

A concept piece I did for a character I'm working on, and an Overgowth inspired character.

The sketch and a quick look at possible color scheme.

Enjoy :)

januar 12, 2012

januar 11, 2012

Value study

Decided to do some painting again.
I did a study of the amazing Zhanglu's female portrait he did with conceptart.org.

here's what I got out of it.

Enjoy :)