december 23, 2011

december 15, 2011


Just finished a 6 week project, finally!
Modelled in Maya and Zbrush, rendered with... Mental... Ray...

Enjoy :)

november 04, 2011

Lunch doodles

A classmate and I have started doing lunch doodles everyday.. A nice break from rigging at the moment.... :p .. I'll try to post as much as possible, if I think it's not all too bad. Well from this week there are 2 sculpts. Themes were happy hippo and king of carrots, not really sure if I really nailed it.. But it's interesting to see what can be done in an hour :p

Enjoy :)

oktober 22, 2011

oktober 21, 2011


Trying to clear my desktop.. came across this...
I was in weird place at the time xD..

september 28, 2011

september 13, 2011

Color study - How to train your dragon

A color study for a school assignment.
I need to finish my sculpt soon... but school has been.. well.. school :p

Enjoy :)

august 24, 2011

No Philopoemen...

Well yeah.. decided to go with another favorite sculpture of mine Le soldat de Marathon annonçant la victoire, also situated at The Louvre :p..
Well... progress so far.

Enjoy :)

august 22, 2011

More french stuff..

Here are the last of the images from this set. Now on to other stuff..
Just gonna update my website a bit, then start a study of Philopoemen from the Louvre.
Exciting stuff!

But for now

Enjoy :)

august 21, 2011

Alien dressed french guy?

Here's a little something i've been doing over the past few day.. It's ended up taking way more of my time than planned.. but you know.. It happens ;)

Enjoy :)

august 19, 2011

Sketches from Italy

Recently came home from a trip to Italy.. Which was awesome, 35 degrees is something I could get used to!
Well, made some sketches along the way, just a bunch of random stuff. Think most of it's actually from Florence, as that's the place I spent the most time.

Oh yeah.. and I don't have a scanner at the moment.. so.. Sorry for the poor quality!






Enjoy :)

Hairless ape..

Well.. just some fun sculpting in zbrush :)

Enjoy :)


Here are some clay renders and a grab from 3ds max showing the wireframe.


Enjoy :)

august 16, 2011

Dirty Spaceman

Here's a character i recently finished for a Mass Effect contest over at cgfeedback.
Think I'll post some breakdowns and stuff in a couple of days.

For now, enjoy :)

april 22, 2011

Army Guy

Quick sketch.

Barbarian Valley

Barbarian Valley is my first real piece after i completed my portfolio... It's been like a month xD..
But what the heck, think It turned out okay considering my lack of drawing and painting these past weeks.

Enjoy :)